what is KERS ?

  • The kers stand for Kinetic Energy Recovery System
  • it is an automotive system for recovering a moving vehicles kinetic energy under braking or we can say that it recovers the kinetic energy present in waste i.e. heat generated when we apply brake.

Note : It is used by formula one & racing car company & in future it will be used by commercial car company.

History of KERS

  • The first system which found to work as kers was ' FLYBRID'.
  • The system weights 25 kg & has energy capacity of 400 KJ.
  • Provide maximum power boost of 60 KW.
  • It has 240 mm Dia flywheel, weight 5 Kg & revolves upto 64000 rpm.
  • It was used by formula one in 2009

Bosch motorsport service is developing a kers for use in car racing .
            it includes-:
  • lithium-ion battery or flywheel
  • An electric motor of 5 to 8 Kg.
  • A KERS controller for power & battery managment.
 Honda have been testing KERS system.

How It Works ?
It work on three main principle 
  • Electrical 
  • Mechanical 
  • Hydraulic
  • In electrical system it uses an REGENERATIVE Brake System 
  • This is an energy recovery mechanism which slows a vehicle by converting its kinetic energy into another form. 
  • This system uses the ( electric motor) as an ( electric generator)
  • This system is used in vehicle which runs by electricity or hybrid cars.
  • " In this system with our normal brake pads we uses the brake rotors to slow or stop vehicle"
  • When friction produces between car tyre & roads when car is slow down & it turns car kinetic energy into heat energy.
  • When drivers press the brake pedal of an electric or  hybrid cars it set the electric motor into reverse mode (i.e. brake rotors) causing it to rotate in opposite manner which slow downs the car wheels.
  •    While running back or motion reverse inside motor is act as generator & produces electricity & store in batteries 
  • When driver release brake pedal & press accelerator pedal we get stored energy in form of electricity 

  • Here we use energy from braking and it is use to turn a small flywheel.
  • The fly-wheel here used can spin upto 80,000 rpm.
  • When we need extra-power, Then this fly-wheel is get connected to cars rear wheel( for better understanding refer to vedio attached)
NOTE: The mechanical type does not change state i.e. here the energy is used directly as kinetic energy whereas in electrical type k.e is converted in electrical form.

Hence it is more Efficient.


  • Here braking energy is used to store hydraulic pressure & then sent to the wheels when required.
How Does The Store Energy Release By The Driver 
The release of store energy is purely under drivers control.There is boost button on the steering wheel which can be pressed by driver.
Why KERS Is Introduced ?
The basic two aim for introducing this technology are:
  1. To promote the environment friendly car-relevant technologies in formula one racing.
  2. In racing extra power plays very important role in winning race for overtaking each other vehicle when driver has to escape he presses boost button. 
                                           ( for better understanding refer to veido attached)

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